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We pride ourselves at CompuMath in developing highly customized state of the art websites that is tailored to your specifications. We would use our expertise to design a corporate web site to fully showcase your company and the service or products your company offers. We essentially target both small businesses and professionals as well as larger accounts.

We provide hand crafted and fine tuned solutions for the specific customer’s business needs. We do not use templates or other prefabricated approaches. We are very good at hand holding with clients that have little or no web experience. We can accept materials in whatever format they find convenient. Our team of web developers and graphic designers will design award winning, results-driven corporate web design, Flash animation, and graphic design.

In the current digital age, the need to exploit the ubiquitous internet to have a reach beyond your immediate environ cannot be over emphasized. A well designed web presence is one of the strategic ways to showcase a company, the tasks carried out by the company with a view to reach a larger pool of people – potentially the whole world. With a web design, it becomes imperative for business related company to pass across the right message to potential clients. The need for a professional web site is thus important more so because to a large extent a good and functional website attracts people and passes across a good impression to potential clients. Among the services we offer we have, we have the following.

• A templatized solution to make it relatively easy to add new pages.
• As many web pages as required to build the site.
• High quality and professional graphics and images and professional colors to make the site attractive while maintaining the professionalism required for a law website.
• JavaScript enabled functionalities including rollovers, navigation menus and other professional features.
• Search engine submission
• Search functionality
• Flash capabilities / animation.
• Email Capabilities to receive leads through forms.
• Content management capability to fully handle uploads if you want. We would give with this package 3 months of free update support for the website.
• Hit count for tracking site visitors.

Special Features.

We can provide in addition to attractive, functional web sites, a full range of enhancements and extended operations for all phases of communications and e-commerce such as secure on-line credit card transactions, custom shopping carts, multimedia presentations of many types, continous streaming media, dynamic page content driven by online product databases, custom built actions of all descriptions, visitor tracking and web pages with data that can be updated by you at any time.

We have considerable talents at our disposal and we can essentially handle any level of web development / ecommerce complexity.

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