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CompuMath provides network solutions ranging from small area network design and implementation , structured cabling and large wide area network to wireless networking and hybrid network solutions.

We've put together all kinds of networks, ranging from two-user peer to peer networks to Multi server wide area networks. We pride ourselves in our extensive horizontal knowledge and competence in multiple operating systems and provide heterogeneous network solutions.

We can design and install a network from scratch or build something with your existing hardware. In addition to doing the actual implementation, we also do strategic network consulting for small to large businesses. We will discuss the options and help you make the right choices. We can build small "peer to peer" networks, Install Unix / Linux or Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers or even work with Macintosh based AppleTalk networks. We also build wide area networks (including virtual private networks) between remote offices. We can set up your Email, remote access, work at home, Internet connectivity, and other telecommunications technologies. You name it we'll get it done and done right!

We work and have experts in different hardware and software packages. We have experience with computer hardware from all the major manufactures including IBM, Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard (HP), Compaq, Gateway, Micron, Sony, and others. In addition, we also have strategic partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, intel to provide a holistic network solutions right from the very high level conceptual design to providing the hardware, cables and computers. We leverage on our industry partnerships to provide a very robust solution that is highly competitive in the market. We have installed and support hubs, switches and routers from manufacturers like 3com, Cisco, Lucent Technologies (Ascend), Bay Networks, Intel, Net Gear, Asante, Shiva, WebRamp and others.
Our software experience is broad. We've worked with most network operating Systems. We've implemented GroupWare and email solutions based on Microsoft's Exchange Server (with both Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook clients). We've supported connectivity with Lotus Notes and CCMail.

In addition to these core network solutions, we provide value added services such as security services. We have industry certified security experts with core experience in Check point Security, the industry standard security products for enterprise networks.

After your network is up, we can help you administer it, keep it running smoothly, secure and up to date with our support and maintenance services. Among the services offered in our maintenance package, we study the traffic and network usage to provide the adequate backup strategies to implement, perform preventive maintenance and make sure that every thing is up and running. In addition, we have our team of consultants that can take periodic looks at your enterprise databases, perform database administration, performance tuning and application optimizations on your databases to make sure everything is up and running.