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Brockton rises from the ashes to recovery
Kay Lazar; Boston Herald; Jun 23, 2002; pg. 008

Brockton rises from the ashes to recovery
Boston Herald; Boston, Mass.; Jun 23, 2002; Kay Lazar;

The brothers soon discovered one of Brockton's best kept secrets - streets of sumptuous old houses and sculpted lawns tucked into the city's west side. For less than what they would be paying to rent a nice two bedroom in Boston, the [Martino Mathe] brothers bought a four- bedroom house with a large yard and a swimming pool in 1997 - right before Brockton's housing market started to take off.

Then when the brothers decided to open their own computer consulting business a few months ago, urban arithmetic again factored into the equation. For about $6,000 a month they could rent a store front in Boston - "not even in one of the hot areas," Mathe said - or they could spend less than a third and claim even more space on Main Street in Brockton's downtown. They chose Brockton.

A key springboard for Brockton's rebound, [John Yunits Jr.] said, has been the train. When the MBTA opened two new branches of its South Shore Old Colony line in 1997 - with three stops in Brockton - house hunters priced out of the Boston market but dependent on jobs there suddenly had a direct ticket to a much more affordable city and region.